Monday, February 4, 2013

Minion Battle for Sports Awesomeness

First, I have to say congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on their Super Bowl win. I didn't watch, so I guess I'll have to watch the commercials online today. I mean, that's why we all watch the Super Bowl. For the commercials, right?

I heard that the power went out? And being the super sleuth I am, I found the culprit.
You're welcome. I didn't even have to interrogate him, though I would have liked to (who WOULDN'T want to interrogate Tony Stark?). He was ready to take full credit, as you can see.

But now, the real battle begins. I am not much of a football fan, I admit. I understand the basic principles and goals of the game, but I don't understand all of the plays, so I find it rather boring. I'd rather watch hockey, which is awesome and has the added advantage of seeing a bunch of angry Canadians knocking each other against glass and fighting on the ice. Football has a ball and some hulking guys knocking each other on grass. Hockey players of sticks, fists, and sharp blades attached to their feet and fall onto ice. So on the violence scale, hockey wins. But what do the minions think?

So I take it to you, blogosphere? Which is better?

It's up to you.

Have a good week!

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